Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Spanked for Spying

Accused of being a spy

Studio: Cheeky Video


Starring: Aura and Brigella


Approximate Running Time: 49.50 minutes



Selma is working at an army base.

confession time




CCTV cameras picked up that she had been caught on camera, stealing documents etc.


When called into the major’s office and shown the footage, she denies it all.




But when the sergeant frisks her – he finds various pieces of evidence to prove that the accusation that she is a spy is indeed a fact.


Maria is spanked

The major and sergeant are prepared to keep on spanking her all night if necessary – they promise that the spanking will continue until she gives them the name of her accomplice and signs a confession.


Purposely pretending to misunderstand, she puts her own name on the paper. Exasperated, the major and sergeant continue spanking her on her bare bottom that is becoming sorer by the minute.


But, eventually she writes the name of Maria from the kitchen. Poor Maria is brought into the room and she is accused of being Selma’s accomplice, which she verbally denies.


Despite being stripped down to her black underwear, Maria is spanked but it soon becomes obvious that she is innocent, so she is dismissed – leaving Selma alone again with the major and sergeant.


It's all over

Now the cane is brought out and after several batches of six strokes of the cane, she gives in and confesses, then the punishment is over.



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