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Video: Spank the Boss
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Studio: Billie West Productions
Billie is at work again and bored so she is on the phone to her girlfriend talking about last night. She has a hot outfit on with sexy stockings and high heels. Her boss comes into the office and asks if she has the contract done. She has not done it and argues with her boss as he yells at her to get the report done. He leaves the office and tells her to get the contract done when he gets back. She wants to go to the bathroom but he tells her she can't to stay here and get the contract done. He leaves and she just spouts off about her tight ass boss. So to relieve the pressure she starts to play with her breast then her hot wet pussy. A little while later her boss comes in and you guessed it the report is not done. Never fear Billie is here, as she takes out a riding crop and bends him over and spanks his ass good.

Stars: Billie West, Collin Towers

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