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Samantha and Emma are doing some extra work, under the supervision of Miss Parker. Emma is a rich spoilt girl, and she keeps scribbling on Samantha's book. Samantha is a hard working, bright student. Miss Parker is very impressed with her results, and tells her so. Miss Parker leaves the girls to carry on with their work, but when she returns, she accuses Samantha of stealing a very expensive watch, which has been found in her locker.

Samantha denies taking the watch, and Emma is cheeky, so they are both told to report for detention after school. Miss Parker is determined to get to the bottom of this, and so she begins by administering a spanking to Samantha's bottom, whilst she is standing up, with her hand on her head. After several hard smacks, Samantha's knickers are pulled down, and the punishment continues on her bare bottom.

Miss Parker then repeats the punishment on Emma, and soon both girls have red sore bottoms, but this does not satisfy Miss Parker. Samantha is instructed to bring the high stool into the centre of the room, and bend over it. In this position, she is given the strap. At one point, she puts her hand on her bottom, which results in her receiving the strap, on her outstretched hands.

The girls swap places, and Emma also receives a long hard strapping. Both girls are told to kneel on the stool, in turn, with their bottoms in the air to receive the last strokes of the strap. Samantha is still protesting her innocence, which makes Miss Parker very cross and determined to get to the truth. She instructs Samantha to bend over the desk, where she administers eighteen strokes of the cane, on her bare bottom.

Emma too is given a well deserved punishment caning, and at this point, you would think that both girls had received an adequate punishment, but you are not Miss Parker, if you were, you would know there is more to come. She asks Samantha to tell the truth, but the poor girls keep denying any wrongdoing. She is told to bend over and touch her toes, to receive a further eighteen strokes of the cane, and just to make things even, Emma is treated in the same way.

Still Samantha refuses to admit to the crime, and is caned yet again. Whilst she is bending over for a further caning, another teacher informs Miss Parker that the real culprit has been caught. That is little comfort to the falsely accused

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