Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Some Light Cleaning

Studio: Russian Content

Approximate Running Time: 20.00 minutes

A pretty blonde girl with her long hair tied up in a ponytail, is busy cleaning her employer’s house.

But when he comes home unexpectedly, he is not at all satisfied with her efforts.

Punishment is immediate. So, roughly, he pushes her face down over a table and starts hand spanking her.

As his hand makes contact with her bottom – spanking alternate cheeks, she cries out because of the pain this is causing her.

He pushes her face down over the table

This movie has Russian dialogue, but understanding what is being said is not essential – a spanking is a spanking and actions speak louder than words.

Her shapely bottom is becoming redder with each spank he delivers. He then leaves her lying face down over the table, while he rummages in a drawer of the dresser. He returns to the spanking of her delectable bottom – with an electric cord.

Using the cord, he ties her wrists to the table legs. This makes her helpless and unable to escape from the rest of the spanking that she is going to have to endure.

The cane leaves criss cross marks

Changing from hand spanking her to using a cane, he soon turns her pink bottom to a glowing angry red colour. The cane marks are clearly visible, criss crossing over both her cheeks.

The caning is only over; once he is happy with the punishment he has given her.

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