Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


So You Want To Be A Spanking Star

Studio: Chelsea Pfeiffer

Stars: Chelsea Pfeiffer and Amber Pixie Wells

Approximate Running Time: 15.35 minutes

Chelsea Pfeiffer is interviewing Amber Pixie Wells. As Amber is very keen to become a Video Spanking Star, she agrees to let Chelsea put her through her paces – as Chelsea has to be sure that this pretty young girl can take a real hard spanking.

Chelsea scrutinises Amber

Chelsea voices her approval of the choice of clothing that Amber is wearing. The short pleated skirt in navy and yellow and a navy and yellow top, gives the impression that she is clean and innocent.

Pulling Amber over her knee –the spanking takes her by surprise as she didn’t realise it would hurt so much. Chelsea spanks her hard and fast, at first on top of her skirt. When she flips up the young girl’s short cheerleader skirt, a knickered bottom comes into view. The contrast of the yellow knickers – with the by then cherry red bottom, is proof of the painfulness of the spanking.

Over Chelsea's knee she looks apprehensive

Despite Amber crying out – there are no tears and she insists that she will try anything, she just wants to be a video spanking star.

Amber's bottom is a blazing red

She is put through several implements and has to count each stroke.

The paddle certainly leaves its mark

However, when the spanking is over, Chelsea assures her that she has passed the test and she looks forward to working with her.

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