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Smoking Sorority Sisters

Video: Smoking Sorority Sisters
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Ms. Kay spanks Leah and Betty!! And BOY does she let them have it!! Two sorority sisters get caught smoking, and they pay the price!! Leah's bottom gets so bruised and sore, it hurts to barely touch it! And poor Betty's beautiful eyes well up with tears after her SPANKING, while Ms. Kay scolds her!! Betty gets so CHOKED UP, she can hardly speak! Oh, but that's not all!! After she gets sent to her room, Betty gets caught MASTURBATING!! Her pussy is SOPPING WET from her SPANKING, and Ms. Kay wants some!! Watch Betty and Ms. Kay have lesbian sex while BETTY'S BUTT is HOT, RED, and SORE!! And then Ms. Kay finds Leah with her pants down, cooling off her round BOTTOM with the ceiling fan. So Ms. Kay gets Leah back across her lap, and rubs lotion all over her sore bruised BUTT!! It's girl-girl-girl, HARD spanking, female masturbation, and lesbian sex!! Lots of different positions and implements, all REAL, and over an hour long!! DON'T MISS THIS ONE!!

Stars: Betty, Leah, Ms. Kay

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