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Slaves Of The Elite Club

Video: Slaves Of The Elite Club
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Studio: Elite Pain
Lana is one of the obedient sex slaves of the EliteClub. She is waiting in the punishment cell for her punishment to be received from the master during the night. But before the time would come, someone else arrives. A wannabe mistress arrives willing to punish instead of the Master. Lana is first flogged, then the mistress pays various pa in games with Lana. She uses cloth-pins, hot wax, and other BDSM devices on the poor girl. The lady's favorite game is that she gives dozens of cloth-pins to the slave girl. She orders to put as many pins onto her pussy as she can. The number of remaining cloth-pins will be the number of lashes she will receive on her pussy with a vicious flogger. Just when you think the girl cannot take more, she receives 50 whip-strokes onto her back and bottom. It turns out that the mistress did not have any authorization to punish Lana the slave-girl...

Stars: Lana

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