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Mrs. Harris, who we first met in An Ad In The Times, has been sent back to see Mr. Taylor. She meets another naughty young lady there who is having her first session with Mr. Taylor.

After explaining to the new girl a little bit about what's going to happen, Mr. Taylor make both girls dress up as maids, and instructs them to start cleaning his house. This they do, but with little enthusiasm, which makes Mr. Taylor very cross.

He decides that their punishment cannot be delayed any longer. He begins by putting Jennifer over his knee, and giving her a good spanking. Jane is becoming very nervous as she realises, that she will be next.

She soon finds herself over Mr. Taylor's knees, her skirt lifted up, and her knickers half way down her thighs. She too, receives a long hard spanking. She is horrified, as she watches Jennifer take the strap from Mr. Taylor. The position poor Jennifer is forced to maintain for this punishment, is not only uncomfortable, but very embarrassing.

Before long, she too is feeling the leather strap across her bottom, which is already quite red and sore, from the spanking. But as Jennifer knows, worse, much worse is to come, as Mr. Taylor sends her to fetch his cane. By now, both beautiful young ladies are sobbing and begging Mr. Taylor not to cane them, but this stern gentleman is unmoved.

The girls bend over in turn to receive their well deserved dose of the cane, and Mr. Taylor doesn't spare them. The stripes across both their bottoms at the end, bear testimony to Mr. Taylor's expertise and determination to teach these naughty girls a lesson.

Note: This is a digitized version of an old VHS tape. Tape deterioration and corrupted video may be evident during playback of the movie.

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