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She Actually Spanks You?

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Studio: Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
Tired of her every day job as a bank teller, Taylor (Cherry) is intrigued by Eve's (Kayla Paige) work as a spanking model. Taylor is hesitant about giving a shoot a try, but sneaky Eve talks Taylor into tagging along to a shoot, "Just to watch." Arriving at the set, Taylor becomes suspicious when Chelsea hands her a release form. Eve has told Chelsea that Taylor would work, too. Taylor takes a spanking in the first scene.

"Oh my god, Eve, she really spanked you hard!"

"It's okay," says Taylor, "now it's your turn."

Eve replies, scathingly, "I can't believe I let you get me into this! Wait until we're back home. I'm gonna..." But, she is cut off by the reappearance of Chelsea. Chelsea thinks Taylor's an experienced spanking model, and quickly lowers Taylor's jeans to spank the "naughty girl" on her panties. Soon, it's time for Taylor to take her bare bottom spanking - and it's a hard one, finished off with a very large, wooden hairbrush! During Taylor's ordeal, Eve looks on, happy to see her roommate finally getting a spanking and getting it good.

Back home again, Taylor makes good on her promise to get back at Eve. She jumps Eve, tackling her on the bed and wrestling her out of her clothes. She pins her, tummy down, and spanks her deceitful roomie's already well-spanked rear. But Eve turns the tables and poor Taylor is once again on the receiving end of the spanking.

All in all, both our young actresses left the shoot with lasting, very warm impressions of what a good spanking is all about!

Stars: Cherry, Kayla Paige

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