Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Sex and Submission


Starring: Blaze and Darling

Approximate Running Time: 29.00 minutes

Blaze and Darling – a married couple – demonstrate how they get their kicks.

He wrestles her to the  ground

She enjoys being tied up and forced to submit to his rough man handling of her.

he finger fucks her

While she is bound and gagged, he teases her and makes her beg him to fuck her.

begging him for more

As his long thick cock enters her dripping wet pussy, she is helpless. However, she is able to make it clear that she wants some release as she is raring to go with a noisy orgasm.

Bound and gagged she is helpless

She also gives him a blowjob once or twice.

taking her from behind

Finally, she collapses, completely satisfied and undoubtedly content.

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