Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Sentenced to be Caned

Studio: Girls Boarding School

Starring: Irelynn and Headmaster Tom

Approximate Running Time: 11.13 minutes

Headmaster Tom is relaxing in his room; suddenly the door bursts open and Irelynn comes in.

He points out to her that he spent some time the day before – teaching her to knock before entering his room. So she has to go out of the room, knock and wait for him to shout ‘enter’.

However, he’s still not happy because she has obviously forgotten the other rule he taught her the previous day. Again she goes out of the room – when she knocks and waits for his shout to come in, she comes in for the third time – this time minus her jeans and knickers.

Telling her to put her jeans and knickers back on, he tells her to bend over the coffee table – her hands gripping onto the sides of it. She is up on tiptoe, with the strict instruction not to change her position in any way.

Spanking Videos - he canes her trousered bottom

The cane makes contact with her trousered bottom several times and each time she cries out and winces.

Spanking Videos - with her trousers down

His next order is for her to take down her trousers and now she is to thank him after each stroke and to also say she is glad to be at Girls Boarding School learning how to behave.

Spanking Videos - with knickers down

Unfortunately, he sees her smirking and sentences her to an extra five strokes.

The caning continues – by now on her bare bottom and it is red with dark blue bruising

Spanking Videos - trousers and knickers off

He remembers the extra five strokes he had promised her and by the time the fifth one lands she is in tears.

He leaves her kneeling on the table with her hands on her head – crying.

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