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Secretary – Moonglow Style

Video: Secretary - Moonglow Style
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Studio: Moonglow
2003 saw the release of Secretary ( with Maggie Gyllenhaal as Lee Holloway who is spanked several times by James Spader as E. Edward Grey ) and the vast amount of publicity that followed. We thought that we would rework it into a form that Moonglow would support.

In our version, the new secretary arrives on Friday afternoon for her induction. She finds her predecessor being thoroughly spanked even on her last day. She is then appalled by the old manual typewriter that she will be expected to use. How will she avoid making mistakes! But it gets worse on her conducted tour, they come across the paralegal being caned for fiddling her expenses.

Over the weekend, she has some strange urges and, when she gets back from the night-club on Saturday night, decides to experiment. She spanks herself with a hairbrush then masturbates to an unusually big orgasm. But on Monday, she turns out to be a rather idle secretary, and is very rude to an important client. You can imagine what follows.

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