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Schoolgirls Spanking

Video: Schoolgirls Spanking
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Studio: Billie West Productions
Schoolgirls Jessica and Jamie are sitting on the couch trying to study for a literature exam. They both have their hair in pigtails and are wearing their cute schoolgirl uniforms. They are so damn cute studying together and they start to talk about fucking their English teacher Mr. Thomas. Jessica wants to study but Jamie keeps going off subject so she needs a good spanking. Jessica grabs the paddle and has Jamie lay down on her lap and gives her a spanking. Then she tells Jamie to take off her dress and get on her knees on the couch and stick her ass out. She spanks her tight little ass until it really gets nice and red. Jamie is getting excited, as her pussy gets nice and wet from the spanking. Then they trade places with Jamie spanking Jessica. Both of these hot little schoolgirls just love to get their asses spanked. Off comes Jessica's clothes and she kneels on the couch as Jamie lets her have it nice and hard. They get naked and fondle and kiss each other then do some more hot spanking. Getting bored they grab Jessica's sisters bag of skimpy bathing suits to try them on. Jessica grabs her video camera and videos Jamie putting on the sexy skimpy suits. Then Jamie grabs the camera and videos Jessica doing the same. It starts to rain outside and that means that Jessica's dad will be coming home early. He walks into the room and catches them playing with his oldest daughters swimsuits and tells the girls that since they are naughty they need a good spanking. He grabs the paddle and spanks both of their tight bottoms ending with a big whack on both of them, then goes to make dinner. Both girls get dressed then giggle and Jamie talks about sucking Jessica's dad's big cock.

Stars: Jessica Lake, Jamie Beach

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