Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Schoolgirls Spanking

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Billie West Productions
Starring: Jessica Lake and Jamie Beach
Approximate Running Time: 43 minutes

Jessica and Jamie – two naughty schoolgirls are sitting side by side on the couch with their schoolbooks open in front of them.

Studying together

As their English Literature exams are coming up shortly, they decided that a bit of study time might help them to pass the test. So they take turns at asking each other questions.

A spanking is needed

However, Jamie is not as interested in poetry as she is in their teacher Mr Thomas. She is fantasising about the erection he had during one of his lessons recently. She sighs deeply, telling Jessica how she would love to f-ck him.

It doesn’t take long for Jessica to realise that Jamie being in the mood she’s in – trying to get some sense out of her is a waste of time.

So she starts to spank her randy friend. It doesn’t take too long before both the naughty schoolgirls are enjoying themselves – spanking, fondling and kissing each other.

The spark is there

When they get a bit bored with that, Jamie remembers that her older sister had been shopping and bought herself some two-piece swimsuits.

With a lot of giggling they try on the sexy garments.

Caught by her dad

Suddenly, Jamie looks at her watch – and hurriedly stuffs the clothing back into the plastic bag – her father comes home early that day.

But too late, her father comes in and catches them red handed or should I say red bottomed.

He has them both kneeling side by side on the couch and proceeds to spank them both.

Having given each of them six swats with the leather paddle, he goes off to make the tea, leaving the two girls giggling and kissing each other.

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