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Video: Santa
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Studio: RGE-Films
Oh, you mysterious Christmastime... What presents are you going to bring, how will you surprise us, and what hearts will you please? The mystical night will fulfill human souls with desire and expectations. The crispy snow under the feet of night walkers sadly plays its song, mingling with the distant sound of jingle bells on Santa's sledge pulled by reindeers... Please keep on reading, don't worry! We're really talking about a new spanking movie by Lupus Pictures, which won't deny you any of your favorite pleasures. That means girls' naked bottoms exposed to harsh thrashing, canes and whips leaving painful marks, girls' tears and shame, and other lovely things... So what does this sweet, supposedly poetic beginning mean? Well, first, our story takes place at Christmastime; and second, remember the sweet nineteen-fifties, the American dream, hippies yet-to-be, etc... What can possibly happen in one single-parent family living in the suburbs of one of those American cities when the mum asks her daughters what presents would they like Santa to bring? Will she learn the truth? Certainly not. What might the girls, in their inner souls, dream of? We'll let you peek into their minds. And what happens when Santa decides to fulfill the girls' real wishes? Thus, in the family Christmas atmosphere, in the presence of Pastor Wilson, they unwrap their unusual gifts buried in the stockings hanging on the window. What's so unusual about these gifts? No, we're not going to tell you. We'll only disclose that all the daughters get a proper beating for their wishes. The first one with a rod, the second one with a paddle (and she also has to endure the torment of ginger root to her bottom); however, the third girl gets it worst - she gets a thrashing with both the paddle and the cane, and as if it wasn't enough, she also has to keep a bar of soap in her mouth... Well, our girls' Christmas didn't turn out so well this time... Even though... It depends. Pastor Wilson certainly didn't spend his Christmas as he had expected. Are you interested? See the movie "Santa" and enjoy it!

Stars: Helena Kubecova, Nikol Kralova, Alfi Grovio, Jana Rosenbaumova, Lucie Valova

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