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Video: Sadism
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Studio: Vinyl Queen
If you've ever wondered what it's like to have a BDSM session with a true sadist, this video is for you. Vinyl Queen thoroughly enjoys making her slaves HURT. "Sadism" illustrates that via two of her favorite activities: corporal discipline and cockbox torture.

Vinyl Queen begins by torturing her slave with her shoes and bare feet in the cockbox. He has experienced this type of agony before, but what he's not expecting is the cigarette torture that follows...

Vinyl Queen reclines on top of the box and leisurely enjoys a cigarette while her slave must endure regular applications of the hot, red cherry to his cock and balls. As if that weren't enough, Vinyl Queen then makes him submit to various implements she wields at his backside without a warm-up. Vinyl Queen is truly a premier sadist!

Stars: Vinyl Queen

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