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Russian Slaves 71 – Punishment For Smoking

Video: Russian Slaves 71 - Punishment For Smoking
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Studio: Nettles Corp.
These two cute but deviant slaves have been acting out for a while, but when the Master gets wind that they’ve been smoking all bets are off! He sits them down and catches them in the lie that they have NOT been smoking. But a sniff and strip search quickly prove them to be the lying sacks that they are. So he bends them over a desk and pummels their bottoms with his bare hands…for now. Three hours later he invites them into a world of pain when he makes them exercise, participate in a little corporal punishment – then beats their asses till they cry crocodile tears and promise to never do it again!

Stars: Nastya Sukova, Masha Simova, Alex Reznick

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