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Russian Slaves #7 – Old Fashioned Boss

Video: Russian Slaves #7 - Old Fashioned Boss
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English sub titles. Three girls and one vulgar cossack. Some negligence around the office is going to be met with some girl on girl punishment with male supervision. White panties and a nice, furry bush too., what a change from today's bald roadways. OTK with the bare hand as we begin.

She peed on her spanker and the blonde with glasses thinks its funny. She won't think some otk is very funny as the other watches, contrite and shamed. The blonde is so cute as she screams with each hand across her cheeks.

Its apparent that the brunette spanker needs more experience as she shakes her hand after contact, but the male director keeps barking at them. Good pink cheeks, though, so she is doing the best she can.

Not good. Some pellets on the kneeling bench and our blonde pee comic is forced to kneel on them., panties down, skirt up. Blondie is a little cutie. Looks like lima beans she is kneeling on and that is not pretty.

Notice the half-empty bottle of vodka on the table. Now, the male takes the paddle to the brunette pixie. This is deliberate, Iron Curtain shame and correction. She has such a pretty little fannie too. Won't be pretty much longer.

And one ugly welt appears cuz he hit her so hard, she broke his paddle. Must be that cheap Ruskie craftsmanship. The skin has peeled off her right cheek. A metal paddle?? You gotta be kidding. And he wears a Nike jacket, what's wrong with this picture??

They built Panzer tanks out of this paddle. That is one mean tool. Someone lost count, she was only supposed to get five swats. Time for blondie to get hers. He's gonna belt her with the strap and says ten, panties down and smart money says its going to be more.

This is in the company handbook, go figure. The female office manager holds her arms to the table. And he is getting a running start. The poor girl is so pretty as she sobs, you want to just grab her and hug her and wipe away her tears.

Her yelps now border on delirium. We switch to the first punished girl who is secured to the table with a rope. No wonder the neighbors can't hang their laundry up outdoors. All the clothespins are being used on this girl.

Vulnerable bottom suspended in the air now, pics for the company party. What's trussing without a wax job? Shifting to the bath house, our sobbing blonde has a cute nightie on. But even the girl who did nothing wrong, has to get some just as a reminder over a pool table. Billiards in a bathroom, leave it to the ruskies.

The dude looks totally stupid in his designer towel. Blondie has to take a few more and she is shuddering at the thought. She is truly a sobbing little angel. Be very careful answering employment ads for Russian office girls.

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