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Russian Slaves #34 – Bad Habit / Swindler’s Punishment

Video: Russian Slaves #34 - Bad Habit / Swindler's Punishment
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Studio: Nettles Corp.

Here we have six, count them, six tarts, coming into the changing and assembly area from all over town, stripping down and changing into some sort of workout clothes. All sizes and shapes of tarts here. Some nice, big asses too.

For those peepers who like watching girls strip down and change clothes, this is a buffet for you. And that choir music. These girls get dressed in the dark, stripes with plaids. Its gym class, silly us.

Healthy, beefy girls here. Teacher is a butch, dark-haired lady who looks fairly mean. Sit-ups are erotic. Nice close-up of the ass on the bike seat. Teacher should be jumping rope, not dead lifting the dumbbell.

That's it?? Geritol people could do that work out. And sneaking that smoke break. Dyke has a bloodhound sniffer and has caught the two sweeties. An example for the class is about to made.

That is one nasty, rattan cane. This is going to be a class project on correction. And she is laying them in there real hard, right on the bare bottom. The cane rips in and sears the flesh. This dyke packs a wallop and the cane is contoured such that it rains down harder.

One down, one to go. How she can even put her panties and shorts back on defies pain. This one has a real whippable bum. The other girls cannot bear to watch as blow after blow smashes into her welted flanks. This is totally vicious F/F caning, birching, whipping and correction.

This one also can put her panties and capris on with no problem so they must be used to the floggings as the filthy ashtray fades us out into the next number. Looks like another huge cast here.

Cucumbers for salad?? Not. She wants those kooks to go with the squash in the bedroom. God, Moscow is a dirty, depressing town. Choices?? Actual Giant Eagle?? You sure this is USSR? Sure is. Booze and a sandwich equal a day's pay.

And Rubles. Beer, hard-boiled eggs and a can of kippers. What a feast. Seems we have a problem with the check out girls. Bit of petty thievery here. Angela shall do the honors of implementation.

She's double dipping and the eye caught her. This one has a really good plot line to it. The hard-core, yet cute girl dyke manager weighs in and we are getting closer to punishment time.

And Jack, the jack-off customer is going to play peeper. This is heaven for the voyeurs and window peepers out there. The birch canes are housed in a violin case?? They must be hand-crafted.

This girl can take a caning. Distressed to be sure, but she is not howling like a wounded animal. Great butch, F/F whipping here. She is yelping more now. Over a dozen separate welts we see.

Yanks her tights right back up so she has done this picture before. And they made a security tape of it for the Xmas party. Nice props and really inventive effects in this one. And Jack faked like he was fixing some window trim.

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