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Russian Slaves #14

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Four lovely tarts, two Commie male slobs, the girls have no shame at all as they pout their fannies out to the heathens and it looks like some M/f S and M action in the hothouse. Now, the girls are competitive and even take some cheap shots at each other before the show and go, strip off.

Demanding shaved beavers or else, this girl better have some bald goods to show. Rip out the hairs one by one??? That's a series, never mind a sequel. This first piece of meat is whimpering already and nothing has been done to her yet. And we hear that magic word, "suka" again.

Oh oh. A hairy pussy and he isn't bullshitting as the tweezers come out. Now, its Tania's turn and she doesn't look too confident either. These guys want perfection---no tats, no pussy hair, no ass hole hair, they should look in the mirror sometime.

OTK across his lap she goes, and although red, not as lasting as tearing out cunt hair. Very nice tan lines here, great contrast in colors, white, tan and red. Looks like a rose garden.

Although these are "rough around the edges", farm girls, they do have a certain erection appeal to them. Wonder if this "suka" is pick-up or delivery. An ashtray for one and a beer holder for the other, nice touch.

Off comes his belt and he is really giving her some sledge hammer-like slams and some color is coming into this one's pale cheeks. Didn't take long to light these ass flanks up.

She jerks in spasms now. Meanwhile, that ever-present, birch switch shall be used on another. Going for 24 on this rear target. The switch whistles and stripes and she jerks up and around from the impact.

Next short----reform school caning. And just the title conjures up more naughty schoolgirls, slutty girls, girls smoking and a hot headmistress to administer correction.

Sure enough, smoking and inside her panties, she finds the pack of sticks. Now, will it be the male director doing the mashing or the hot lady??? They have Virginia Slims Menthol in USSR?? Ms. Tatiana will at least assist here.

Nice black bra and matching panties she has. Oh, lady teacher is going to get nailed too cuz she left the door open where the wench could go smoke?? She gets otk first, so the dude does the heavy work.

Tatiana has no problem taking a bare handed, otk spanking. To the smoking tart and out comes the whistling cane. Three and counting. These stripes are extra long, showing the length of this rod.

Sounds a lot like German, these numerals. This anti-smoking aide is much better than the patch, the gum or cold turkey. She is out of control now with sobs and dances around the table these days.

And he broke two sticks over her bum?? Yikes. This new one resembles a school pointer more than a switch, but it still sizzles through the air. Caning in its most painful and vicious form here. Male on female so view this one sitting on a pillow.

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