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Rick Savage Medical Scene Torture 9

Video: Rick Savage Medical Scene Torture 9
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This Rick Savage bondage video features the alluring Allanah, an 18-year-old redhead, appearing in her first BDSM video. In this medical scene, Allanah finds herself in the examination room of Dr. Rick Savage. The patient is now prepared for her exam by being placed in rope bondage. Allanah is wearing a business suit with a skirt, short enough to expose the tops of her thigh high stockings. Her knees are bound together. Then the doctor instructs his patient to strip. She removes her jacket, then drops her short skirt to her ankles. She removes her bra revealing a nice set of all natural tits. Another rope is now used to tie the lovely Allanah's hands behind her back. Yet another rope is used to pull her elbows closer together. The elbow rope causes her natural boobs to jut forward nicely. Then, a large red ball gag is strapped into her mouth. The doctor puts on his stethoscope and then presses the cold, metal end deep, DEEP into Allanah's tits. Repeatedly. MUCH to the discomfort of the young redhead.

With Master Savage's love of bare handed tit torture, we are not surprised when a thorough breast exam is next. The young lady squeals delightfully as Rick's strong hands press, twist and mash deeply into Allanah's tit flesh. The doctor stands behind Allanah so he can perpetrate her tit torture with both hands. Then, Doctor Rick holds the camera in his left hand, and uses his right hand to twist, pinch and suddenly slap Allanah's wonderful, natural tits. This POV camera style gives viewers the sense that THEY are torturing and spanking Allanah's natural boobies. After plenty of barehanded tit spanking, the tit torture continues with Savage thrashing Allanah's boobs with his leather flogger. With every blow of the flogger, Allanah's all natural titties jiggle like bowls of Jell-O.

After lots of tit flogging and more barehanded tit torture, the doctor decides to exam his 18-year-old patient's nipples. His medical instruments for this procedure are small steel C-clamps, which he tightly clamps directly onto Allanah's hard nipples. Rick bends and twists the clamps and Allanah admits the action is painful. The doctor therefore deduces that Allanah's nipples are normal. This type of treatment SHOULD cause extreme pain. The close-up camera view of Allanah's nipples being crushed by the clamps is utterly amazing. Rick now connects the two "nipple clamps" with a short length of twine. The twine is then attached to the stop of a metal stand that is ordinarily used to hold an I.V. bottle. The stand is then adjusted upwards, causing extreme duress to Allanah's tortured nipples. Before moving on to the next segment of Allanah's exam, Dr. Rick gives us more fantastic extreme camera close-up views of our patient's flattened nipples.

It appears that by means of spanking, paddling and the use of a riding crop, the wicked doctor is now going to examine Allanah's ass flesh for resiliency. With a ball gag in place and put on her back on a gurney, her elaborate rope bondage is now put in play. Wearing just a thong, thigh highs and her open-toed high heels, the rope around Allanah's ankles is passed over a pipe in the ceiling, and her hands are bound just behind her knees. This affords the doctor complete access to Allanah's ass cheeks. A long buttock cropping produces plenty of redness which the doctor concludes is...normal. Barehanded spanking is now blended into the exam. Savage slides his patient's thong down to her thighs, revealing a pretty, totally shaved pussy, and then...her ass cropping continues.

The patient has more butt punishment in store, but the doctor decides on a different rope bondage arrangement before he continues. A completely nude Allanah is now blindfolded and bound to the gurney, face down. The riding crop assault on her ass then continues. After more cropping, the doctor decides that a wooden paddle would make a more efficient medical instrument to use in his 18-year-old patient's "treatment." As the wooden paddle repeatedly smacks against Allanah's ass flesh, the coloration in her cheeks deepens. Then for a little variety, a large wooden kitchen spoon is used to thrash Allanah's beautiful ass. With his patient's ass cheeks a fiery glow, the doctor decides that electricity would facilitate the exam. With the soles of her bare feet facing the ceiling, Rick turns his violet wand on high and applies it to the soles of Allanah's feet. With his camera zoomed in close, we can actually see the sparks of electricity jump from Rick's wand to Allanah's toes to the soles of her feet. Then, the electrical assault moves up to Allanah's battered buttocks. Again, we can actually SEE the electricity jumping from the wand to her colorful bare buns.

For the final segment of Allanah's exam, our young redhead is bound to the gyno table with her feet tied into the stirrups. She's wearing thigh high stockings and high heeled sandals, and a spreader bar is placed between her knees to hold her legs wide apart and keep her pussy completely vulnerable and accessible. The pussy torture comes via the use of steel tongs, as the doctor pulls and twists repeatedly on Allanah's shaved pussy lips. Her lips are pulled wide to the side giving us a glimpse of our young patient's wetness. Finally, the doctor clamps a large hair clip with sharp teeth onto Alanah's pretty pussy. We're not sure of the point of this treatment, but Allanah is now left bound to the table, her pussy clamped with the sharp hair clip so her pussy can...heal.

Overall, this is a hot bondage video, with the pretty, 18-year-old Allanah, making a perfect, very obedient patient.

Stars: Master Rick Savage, Allanah Rhodes

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