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Rick Savage Medical Scene Torture 7

Video: Rick Savage Medical Scene Torture 7
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Yet another intense medical scene from legendary Master Rick Savage. Alexa and her big tits were so popular with viewers in her first Rick Savage bondage video (19-Year-Old Breast bondage & Tit Torture, on this site,) that Rick has brought her and her big boobs back for some pussy torture, spanking, breast bondage and tit torture, all coming her way in the form of a medical scene. Almost as soon as she enters the exam room, the innocent-looking 19-year-old is told to strip. She shucks her duds and is soon standing before us, buck naked with her slacks and panties around her ankles, showing off her big tits and her completely shaved pussy. Only now that she's nude does the wicked doctor ask her what her problem is. Insomnia, she confesses. Master Rick now sounds like a deranged evil scientist from a sci-fi horror movie. In a stern voice, he tells her, "Well, the cause is obvious. Any half-assed doctor right out of medical school can tell you the cause of your problem. Your "energy channels" are all clogged up. Well, you've come to the right place, I'm very good at un-clogging a lady's energy channels." Amazing the doctor can make a diagnosis simply from staring at the naked teenage girl. The doctor discovers a pair of black panties in the pocket of his lab coat. He realizes they were left behind by his last patient. He tells the youthful Alexa to hold them for her mouth. The big-titted girl obediently opens her mouth and Rick inserts the dank panties.

The first medical procedure that will unclog Alexa's energy channels seems quite similar to one of the evil doctor's brutal breast exams. And as fans of Master Savage are well aware, his favorite form of tit torture is bare handed tit torture. Alexa's full, ripe, big tits are simply perfect for the type of tit punishment that Rick loves to administer. His strong hands squeeze deeply into Alexa's succulent, 19-year-old torpedoes. We are now treated to some vintage Rick Savage tit torture as the wicked doctor brutally squeezes and twists Alexa's big succulent sweater stuffers. He then adds tit-spanking to the procedure.

The next medical procedure amounts to good old fashioned OTK, over-the-knee spanking. This will surely unclog the young lady's energy channels. The naked Alexa goes over-the-knee, panties still stuffed in her mouth, and her big tits dangling on the camera-side of master's lap. The hard, barehanded spanking produces glowing red area's on the youthful Alexa's firm, jiggly, lily white butt cheeks. The spanking continues until the entire surface of Alexa's alabaster tushie is crimson red. Next the ingenious doctor combines TWO medical procedures as he brutally squeezes her boobs with one hand while spanking with the other. The doctor then bends his naked patient over a gurney to continue her spanking treatment. After more barehanded spanking, the doctor uses a large black leather paddle to paddle Alexa's crimson butt cheeks. Rick tells his patient to climb onto the gurney and lay on her tummy. Alexa's big natural boobs look great as they press against the gurney. Seems like somehow, a proctology exam will help unclog Alexa's energy channels because Doctor Rick puts on a latex glove and plunges a finger deep into Alexa's 19-year-old asshole. The busty teenager squirms as Dr. Rick tells her, "this'll definitely unclog some of those energy channels." Determined to get to the bottom of things, the doctor now uses TWO fingers to probe deeply into Alexa's anus.

Next, the doctor rolls Alexa over on the gurney so he can once again administer more brutal breast examining. In this position, Alexa's boobs kind of float on her ribcage and Rick zooms his camera in close to give us a phenomenal view of the barehanded tit torture. The udderly amazing. After a thorough, very cruel breast exam, including more tit-spanking, rope bondage is used to affix our 19-year-old patient to the gurney, One of the ropes cuts directly across Alexa's boobs, causing the all natural tits to bulge beautifully on either side of the rope. The doctor now places a spreader bar between Alexa's ankles. The bar holds Alexa's legs wide open giving us a splendid view of the young lady's shaved pussy. Dr. Savage now uses the sharp Wartenburg pinwheel on the front of Alexa's body paying special attention to her boobs and her pussy. After plenty of painful pussy torture with the pinwheel, the doc gives us some barehanded pussy torture as his fingers pinch, twist and pull her pussy lips WIDE open. Rick does this using an extreme camera close up, so we get a phenomenal view inside Alexa's wet pink tunnel. Rick uses some fingers to spread it wide open for the camera while using another finger to rub her clit. This is some severe pussy stretching, pussy torture.

A very interesting, antique "medical instrument" is now brought into the pussy torture as Rick uses a truly antique, noisy, old vibrator with many small rubber nubs to torture Alexa's clit. The clit torture continues until Alexa orgasms. Yes...Dr. Rick seems determined to unclog Alexa's energy channels.

The doctor decides it would now be best to apply tourniquets (breast bondage) to Alexa's big natural tits. The tight, circular rope bondage causes Alexa's natural breasts to turn a nice shade of lavender. While Dr. Rick allows the breast bondage to work it's magic, he has the totally nude Alexa stand on the medical scale to he can check her height and weight. Well...nude except for a pair of 8-inch, red, spike high heels.

For the final portion of Alexa's "treatment," Rick uses more rope bondage and his spreader bar to affix his nude, big-titted 19-year-old to the gyno table. He places her big natural boobs in a different style of tight breast bondage. Alexa is blindfolded and a ball gag is tied into her mouth. Bare handed pussy torture is resumed as Rick twists, pinches and pulls her dripping wet pussy wide open, again using a finger to stimulate her clit. Suddenly, the unsuspecting patient gets a warm, hot, rude surprise as Rick douses her shaved slit with lots of hot, melted candle wax. Our youthful patient squirms as the hot, liquid wax finds its' way into the crevices of her wet vagina. Finally the doctor announces, "I think today's medical procedures have been successful. I suspect you will have no trouble sleeping tonight!" What a good doctor!

Stars: Alexa, Master Rick Savage

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