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Rick Savage Medical Scene Torture 6

Video: Rick Savage Medical Scene Torture 6
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Brunette pain slut, Spanky pays a visit to Dr. Savage. She waits for the doctor in the exam room, wearing a short black skirt, black top and black open-toed high heels. Seems the young bondage bimbo is suffering from insomnia. Spanky's medical scene begins rather abruptly, or one might say rudely with a not-so-gentle proctology exam. Savage puts on the latex glove, instructs her to bend over, slides her panties down, instructs her to pull her butt cheeks apart, apologizes because he ran out of K-Y, then roughly pushes his finger past her sphincter. As wicked Rick's finger explores the depths of Spanky's Hershey highway, Spanky grimaces. Much to her discomfort, Rick's finger twists and plunges with abruptness. He announces, "Boy, you must really be having a hard time sleeping." Hmmm. Strange that the doctor can develop such a diagnosis from plunging a finger deep into the girl's asshole. But, "strange" is an appropriate word when it comes to describing medical scenes perpetrated by the wicked Master Savage. Rick explains to his young patient that he has deduced that the "energy meridians" in her body are all blocked up. Hence, during the day time she's not able to expend a normal amount of energy. Therefore at night, when you go to sleep, you have all this pent up energy, and you're restless. Rick explains that he has a medical "treatment," that is able to unblock these pathways. He warns that the treatment is rather painful, but he tells a willing Spanky, "When we're finished here today, I think you'll get a good night's sleep." The first medical procedure performed will be good old fashioned OTK, over the knee spanking. Dr. Rick informs Spanky, "Good, hard, traditional spanking does wonders at loosening up those clogged energy meridians." Spanky's spanking is hard from the start. No gradual warm up in this procedure. After some harsh bare handed spanking, Rick blends a large leather paddle into the butt punishment. For several minutes, the ass thrashing is conducted on the outside of Spanky's sheer, see-through panties. But soon enough, Rick drops her sexy panties to just below her butt cheeks so we can see just how red her young, firm butt globes are glowing. The brutal spanking and paddling continues with Rick occasionally following the harsh blows with a raking from his sharp bear claws. We don't know if this will help Spanky's insomnia, but WOW, this is some damn serious spanking and paddling.

Apparently some rope bondage will be a necessary part of Spanky's medical scene, as the doctor now binds Spanky's hands behind her back and uses another rope to pull her elbows closer together. The elbow rope causes our patient's natural breasts to jut forward nicely. As fans of the legendary Master Savage are well aware, wicked Rick's favorite type of tit torture is bare handed tit torture. SO, makes sense that Dr. Rick would conduct, a long, and very painful breast exam as part of any medical scene. With the very first breast squeeze, Spanky winces. Savage digs deep with both hands, squeezing brutally deep into Spanky's tits, twisting, squeezing, pressing them hard against her ribcage. The breast exam is...extreme. Savage pauses to put a large ball gag in Spanky's mouth, explaining to her that the next part of the medical procedure is extremely harsh and he doesn't want any of the patients in the waiting room to be scared by any screams that she might make. Gag in place, her merciless breast exam continues, but hard tit spanking now becomes part of the procedure. Savage takes his favorite leather flogger and now nails young Spanky's boobs and the tips of her nipples, several times. After lots of harsh tit flogging, the doctor's bare hands get back into the action. At one point he holds the camera with his left hand, and inflicts the tit torture with his right, giving viewers that POV perspective on this painful procedure.

For the next part of Spanky's medical scene, Rick alters the rope bondage so as to tie Spanky into a chair with her tits exposed, ball gag still in place. It's time to incorporate that medical procedure known as nipple torture into Spanky's treatment. Sturdy, plastic forceps are attached to Spanky's erect nipples. Then, rope is attached to the forceps, and the other end of the rope is attached to an overhead winch. Slowly, our cruel physician cranks the wince, pulling upwards on Spanky's throbbing nipples. The camera zooms in close and the view of Spanky's distended nipples being hoisted and stretched away from her body is utterly amazing. Just...WOW, what a site! The doctor informs Spanky that he will now leave her alone in the room for 30 minutes so the forceps can work their magic and help unclog those energy meridians. He knows that this will be very painful, but kind, caring doctor that he is, he will go to no end to help his young patient cure her insomnia.

Half an hour later, Rick returns to the exam room to find Spanky in the exact, painful position in which he left her. But to add to her nipple pain (and unclog those meridians of course) Savage now presses a vibrator against the forceps. The pain sensations are wild and Spanky moans so beautifully.

For the next portion of her medical scene, we find a totally nude (except for her high heels) Spanky standing with a spreader bar holding her ankles far apart and her hands held high over head by the winch. Pussy torture seems to be the next procedure the doctor will use to "help" Spanky. The doctor now places large rat traps on Spanky's completely shaved pussy lips. AND, to heighten her pussy pain, Savage again uses the vibrator, pressing it against the rat traps. The doctor decides that adding weights to the rat traps will increase the pain and therefore increase the effectiveness of the treatment. SO, he affixes a heavy pair of shackles to the rat traps, then attaches several fishing weights to the shackles. The doctor holds the camera in his right hand, and uses his left hand to swing the weights. The close up view of Spanky's bald, pinched pussy lips is simply breathtaking. And again, the doctor now leaves Spanky in this miserably painful position for 30 minutes so the procedure can be effective.

For the final portion of her medical scene, the nude patient is bound to the gyno table with her feet in the stirrups. Except for her ball gag and high heels, she is completely naked. I guess pussy torture will also help cure Spanky of her insomnia because the doctor begins flogging Spanky's bare pussy with a wicked little rubber flogger, also blending bare handed pussy spanking into the procedure. When his patient has difficulty holding her legs open, the doctor affixes a spreader bar between her knees. After more pussy flogging and pussy spanking, Rick now puts 5 sturdy wooden clothespins to each of Spanky's shaved pussy lips. The clothespins are connected with twine, so we all know what's coming - a pussy zipper. Again, the doctor leaves her alone in her pain. Before tearing the clothespins off her lips, Savage wants to wait until they're good and throbbing. After 20 minutes, he returns, and swiftly rips the zippers away from her pussy. Spanky's body contracts in pain, then she seems to relax in a dreamlike trance caused by the intensely shocking pussy pain. Her breathing is deep, blissful as the pain sensations wash over her body. Drifting in a sea of endorphins, Spanky looks beautiful, peaceful. But Dr. Master Savage has even more pussy torture in store. He puts the wooden clothespins back on his patient's throbbing pussy lips and uses large pieces of tape to tape the clothespins to her inner thighs, thus holding her bald pussy wide open and vulnerable. He now approaches with a large, red candle. Spanky's eyes open wide as she realizes that with the clothespins holding her pussy open, her delicate pinkness has no protection from the scorching hot candle wax. With each splash of hot wax, Spanky's body spasms, she yelps beneath her ball gag. Eventually, her lips, her pussy, her clit are all coated in wax, and again, Spanky seems to be floating in a world of bliss. As the camera zooms in close to give us a great view of Spanky's waxed private parts, Master Rick assures us that his patient will be getting a very good night's sleep tonight.

Stars: Spanky, Master Rick Savage

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