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Studio: RGE-Films
Reform School is a sequel to the previous film of Rigid East Production, the Village Schoolmaster. We shall meet again with one of its main characters, little Mary. This time, we can see her walking slowly down a country lane, small suitcase in her hand, her pretty face sad and blue. She is heading towards her unpleasant destination. Her Granny - following an advice of Mr. Gurt, the old schoolmaster - has decided to send her to a reform school. She can only guess what is waiting there.
The old, austere building is situated on the village outskirts. One half-hearted knock, moments of distress, hanging head. The door opens and here stands the janitor. Little Mary is taken straight to the headmistress's office. Her first spanking, just to show the poor girl what she can expect during her stay, briskly follows a few introductory words. But first, let us meet another school inmate. She has been here for a while and knows pretty well what is going on here. Her name is Lenka and she is just coming to be punished for a badly done homework. For now, however, she will have to wait until the headmistress is finished with little Mary. After that, Mary will be taken by the janitor to a consulting room, thoroughly examined, washed and then marched off to her room.
We are now at the consulting room. Little Mary, standing completely naked, cannot believe that this is not just a bad dream. Any doubts are, however, quickly gone as soon as the janitor takes off his belt. Now, she finally understands.
The janitor's slick fingers run all over her body, leaving nothing out, including her most private parts. In addition she is just about to be administered an enema!
In the meantime, Lenka is suffering in the schoolmistress's hands. Her bum clearly shows traces of this as well as all previous lashings. Well, internal regulations are very strict indeed. Nobody is going to escape proper punishment. After all, this is why the girls come here in the first place.
It's bedtime. All the girls are lying down in their bunks, with the janitor making his evening inspection. Needless to say that he is far from being satisfied. Silly girls! They ignore his warnings and keep on whispering - they have a lot to talk about and also try to find some sort of comfort in their ordeal. This can only end up with another punishment. And here it is. Little Mary, her clothes off, has to bend over a chair and receive the worst beating in her life - twenty-five lashes with a cane. Endless crying and moaning.
The janitor - extremely satisfied with his work - takes the second inmate to his room. Can we guess what is going to happen there?
Reform School 1 made by Rigid East Production offers its viewers a whole range of real treats: spanking, shame, humiliation and pain. Apart from that, it is also a story with perfect atmosphere. Would you like to know more?

Stars: Mary, Lenka, Granny, Mr. Gurt

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