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Reform School for Janelle Vol. 2 – Hot Wax & Caning

Video: Reform School for Janelle Vol. 2 - Hot Wax & Caning
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Studio: A Wizard of Ass
While washing off in the shower, schoolgirl Janelle hopes that's the end of her intense punishment at the Reform School, but no, she gets yanked out of the shower - naked and dripping wet- by the School Master, who starts pouring hot wax all over!! When she dares to resist, he puts her in handcuffs and shoves a lit candle into her mouth, and he applies clothespins to her breasts and nipples. Then he whips her with a riding crop- on her on her pussy too! - and with a cane. The Master then takes the lit candle out of her mouth and shoves it up her pussy then up her ass, finally extinguishing it on her butt cheek. By now, Janelle is beginning to sound convincing in her promises to mend her bad schoolgirl ways!!

Stars: Janelle

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