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Mr. and Mrs. Hunter-Ford are seen arriving at their palatial country home, in their beautiful Red Rolls Royce convertible, which is being driven by their pretty chauffeur Matthews. Mr. Hunter Ford is clearly angry having narrowly missed, being involved in an accident. He tells Matthews off in no uncertain terms, and tells Mrs. Hunter-Ford that it's her job to discipline the servants.

He strides off, leaving his wife to deal with Matthews. Mrs. Hunter-Ford instructs the girl to remove her skirt, but Matthews' protests, pointing out that the other servants, especially Bayleaf the gardener might see her. Mrs Hunter-Ford is determined to teach her a lesson, so the unfortunate girl reluctantly removes her skirt, revealing her stockings and suspenders, and the briefest of knickers. As she walks quickly down the gravel path and into the house, she is pursued by Mrs Hunter-Ford, who encourages her progress, with slaps to her bare bottom.

She is taken into the drawing room, where Mrs. Hunter-Ford puts her over her knees, and begins to administer a very sound spanking. The tiny knickers offer no protection, but are removed just the same. The spanking continues and the combination of noisy slaps, together with Matthews' cries of anguish, attract the attention of Bayleaf who observes proceeding through the window. He watches, as the unfortunate girl's bottom is turned from pink, to bright scarlet, but this does not satisfy Mrs. Hunter-Ford, who soon she has the naughty chauffeur bending over the sofa for the strap.

In no time at all, the girl is sobbing, but her punishment continues, and she is informed that following the strap, she can expect a sound caning. The caning, when it comes, is very hard, and just before it is completed, Mr. Hunter-Ford arrives, to make sure that his wife is discharging her duties properly. He is not completely satisfied and when at last Matthews is allowed to leave, he decides that Mrs. Hunter-Ford, could benefit from some similar treatment. Mrs. Hunter-Ford knows better than to argue with her strict husband, and when told, lays across his lap to receive her punishment, she does exactly what she is told.

She too, is given a sound bare bottom spanking, and a severe dose of the strap, but it is when she bends over for the cane, that we see just how strict Mr. Hunter-Ford can be. Tears and entreaties, do not spare her from a most severe caning, which leaves every inch of her beautiful and ample bottom with tell-tale stripes.

Stars: Mr. Hunter-Ford, Mrs. Hunter-Ford, Matthews

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