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Red Cheek Treatment

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Studio: British Discipline
Elizabeth is a defiant, naughty girl and she's drawn the ire of her elders. The treatment is the paddle on her bottom until it's red and rare, including over-the-knee punishment.

Jasmine is a truant, and she's been sent to the doctor, who finds no illness with her. When he determines her uniform is not to regulation, he mandates a spanking for her. This proves only half-effective, as a hand's check to her underside reveals to the good doctor that Jasmine is enjoying her treatment far too much. He pleads with her to be good, but she refuses to cease her truancy, hoping to see the good doctor again for another treatment!

In another scene with Elizabeth, it seems she hasn't learned her lesson at all. Mere over-the-knee treatment cannot suffice for this level of disrespect and cheekiness. She needs the strap. And it turns out, her bum has grown to massive proportions. Not in an unattractive way, of course, but this requires a firmer hand.

Stars: Elizabeth, Jasmine Luv

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