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Red Assed Lap Dancing 18 – Spanking Some Divas

Video: Red Assed Lap Dancing 18 - Spanking Some Divas
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Studio: Red Hot Video Productions
Maklaryn...what kind of a name is that? I mean, I understand the need to remain pseudonymous when you're trawling around on the edges of X video, but pick a fruit flavor orsomething, sister. Anyway, Mak's expansive mouthiness is matched only by her ample assets, as she tromps around the motel room looking like Meadow from the Sopranos, grousing about her current spate of unluck. "I can't believe this is what I've deserted to," she complains. Of course, the word she meant is 'resorted', but you get the picture. After some half-hearted, sour-faced lingerie modeling, the Spank Man hands her a banana, and asks her to treat it right. She bites it in half. I get it now. It's the banana that always makes him go berserk. She tosses the offending fruit at the wall. He grabs her by the ear and puts her over his lap. Maklaryn has a lot of ass to punish, so Mr. Red Hot has his work cut out for him. Whack! "That's for the ugly heart tattoo - what, did GG Allin give that to you in jail?" Whack! "And that's for eating too many fuckin' Twinkies!" Whack! "And who do you think you are, stretching out my lingerie?" Ok, he doesn't actually say any of that, but I'm sure that's what he's thinking. At first, Mak takes her lumps with resolve, seething and protesting and threatening lawsuits, but after the first hundred or so lashes, she's bawling like a baby. How old are you?" the assmaster asks her.

"22", she sniffles.

"Ok, count after me...1!" Whack. "2!" Whack. She should've just told the truth, might have saved her self some misery. Once her pale white rump is suitably glowing, spank-dude drops her on the floor and slaps a $20 on her quivering cheeks. When she gets up to leave, we see that she's got an even worse shamrock tattoo on her back. He gives her one last whack for that on the way out.

Next up is Liz Tyler. Once again, the unsuspecting model is taken aback by the 'studio'. Liz thinks she is there to introduce her new line of lingerie and intimate wear. She too is very nasty about the shoot and the surroundings. Boy is she surprised when after the third change of apparel she starts to smoke a cigarette and is told "I have asthma, and I would appreciate your not smoking". Liz responds by telling him basically '"to go fuck himself" and once again, it's by the ear and over the knee. Liz takes one of the most intense hand spankings that I have seen in a RHV production. All of the RHV spankings are very hard, but this one is a cut above. After some serious ass swatting, the Red Hot Man has some fun with Liz by having her select which cheek she wants him to swat next. Of course, he then smacks the opposite one. The thing that is really great about this scene is Liz's reactions. She totally breaks down near the end of the scene and starts bawling her head off. It gets so bad that her nose actually starts running uncontrollably. If you enjoy seeing a woman crying while being spanked then this is a scene that you most certainly don't want to miss. Ok, all the guys that Liz Tyler has dumped, all the girls whose boyfriends she's stolen, and every family member she's disappointed - gather 'round, because it's judgment day for Liz.

First of all, let me just say that Liz is a serious beauty, a blonde, doe-eyed, lips and hips sensation who looks stunning in the see-through white teddy she's modeling in this jaw-dropping segment. She's not quite so pretty, however, when she's screaming her head off, and snot is pouring out of her nose. The scene starts as the first one did, with a mock-modeling session. "I'm here to introduce my new line of lingeries", she says to the camera. The word is already plural, Liz. Spank man keeps making her go back into the bathroom to change, and she grows more impatient with every twirl. Finally, she just lights a smoke and announces that she's done with this nonsense. She is not done with this nonsense, though. Not by a long shot. The butt nazi knocks the cigarette out of her hand, leaving it to smolder on the motel rug, as he puts Liz over his knee, and gets to work on her shapely ass. She holds out for a long time, keeping up her show of haughty displeasure. "You don't even deserve to look at me," she spits, as her hide gets slowly tanned. He's relentless though, and you get the feeling that there's an actual animosity at work, because this is some serious goddamn spanking, baby. Innovative picture-in-picture technology allows you to watch the beating from two angles - the rapidly blistering cheeks get the full screen, the howling protests pouring out of her panicked mouth at the bottom. By the time this cat is through, Liz is on the floor in a fetal ball, whimpering like a puppy, her face covered in snot and drool. Intense. If ever there was cause for 'behind the scenes' footage, it'd certainly come in handy here. When the camera stopped rolling, did she just sit down in a bucket of ice, light up a red, and count her hard-earned dough? Or did she run out of there, screaming for the cops?

Anyway, if you were looking for realism, well, here's your fucking realism. A good choice was made in placing Alexis third on this program. We just finished one of the World's Great OTK Spankings, tears and snot everywhere. We know that spanking hurt. Alexis plays her role with a dry sense of humor just beneath the surface. No potty mouth this time! This segment portrays a woman - young, blonde, beautiful to be sure - in stark contrast to those spoiled pottymouth little kids who preceded her. Does the spanking hurt? No question about that! It hurts - and she handles it. No caterwauling here. She's a class act. The lingerie segment earns her a spanking - who would have guessed - but the by-play is delightful. Once across his lap, the by-play continues. That is, she continues the comments in the same disdainful tone of voice. Sure, she's across his lap, and thanks to Liz Tyler's performance we know it hurts from almost the very first smack, but she doesn't bother to notice she's being spanked. Long past the point where Maklaryn and Liz Tyler were bawling their eyes out, Alexis is continuing the sarcastic conversation. She is pure class - and smart - refraining from taunting Our Man about not spanking her hard enough or anything. She simply keeps up the disdainful by-play, ignoring the spanking completely. When it's over, she has to kneel on the ground for a few moments to absorb the reaction. She does not lay on the floor snuffling like her predecessors. She's not bothering to feel sorry for herself. There's no doubt that it did hurt. She's very cute, kneeling there covering her chest with her arms - funny how they all end up topless when Our Man's target is the other direction. She's pure class, calmly assimilating the pain, and then she's up and still game. Alexis makes the tape, in my opinion, by showing those two snotnosed wannabes how it's done. Spank man tries his best, whacking her firm ass with his usual enthusiasm, but the chick will just not break. Finally, he shoves her flaming red ass off his lap. "Fuckin' asshole," Alex snarls, as she walks off to bathroom, counting her winnings. I dig this girl. I'm bringing her with me to my next fistfight

Stars: Alexis, Liz Tyler, Maklaryn, Mr. Red Hot

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