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Punishment Is A REWARD For Me! Part 2

Video: Punishment Is A REWARD For Me! Part 2
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Studio: A Wizard of Ass
Miss Kitty is a fiery, dominant brunette who wants a job as a disciplinarian at a reform school for girls. However, she must first learn to submit to the male schoolmaster. Arrogant Miss Kitty boasts that "Punishment is a REWARD for me" -- and so she gets put to the test!

The master subjects her to the range of punishments that reform-school girls have to endure: enemas, spanking, paddling, caning, suppositories, ice cubes, clothespins, breast pumps, etc.

Miss Kitty is also humiliated by being lead around the room led like a dog on a leash, by having to pee into a house plant, and by having to give the master a blow job while her butthole is stuffed up with a pig-tail plug.

But Miss Kitty handles everything well, including heavy caning and paddling. It becomes obvious that she wasn't lying when she said she ENJOYS pain. Impressed, the male master offers her the job and gives her a reward in the form of a ride on a double-dildo fucking machine.

Stars: Miss Kitty

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