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Punished Thieves

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Thieving Secretary; Sound Caning
In the first story, Peter, a company director, discovers that his secretary has made a large number of unauthorised transactions on the company credit card. In fact, she has worked the card hard in her own interest, and it costs her bottom dear. An interesting debut for a then new girl to the scene.

The Paddled Cleaner
The second part is the story of a girl from a cleaning agency, who has light fingers. But she meets her match in Sir Peter Good, who sets a trap for her. Caught bang to rights, she winds up with a soundly smacked and gloriously red bottom. A quite a scene for a CP Novice!

Paddled with the Hairbrush
Finally we have two superb clips starring the extraordinary Nicky Montford. Student Felicity likes staying with her step mother's father, Robert, while her parents are overseas. The kindly gentleman is normally a soft touch for most things that Felicity wants or likes. But when she insists that he learns to text on his new mobile phone, she generates a rebellion. Having made the effort, Robert finds that Felicity seldom bothers to reply to his texts. This irritates him no end and one day he joins Felicity, with a hairbrush in hand. This amuses her no end as he is bald. But he has other uses for it. To Felicity's absolute shock, he hauls her over his knees and gives her a sound spanking with the hairbrush. She has learnt a long overdue lesson; hairbrushes are multi-purpose!

83 strokes for Nicky Montford
Sixth former Nicky Montford is a riding fanatic. But when she is gated for the week-end, she still goes riding and is reported to Dr Wendlebury, her house master. He is furious with her attitude and makes her bend over for a beating. He starts with her own riding crop and applies forty strokes across her bottom. But her attitude does not improve; she even calls him by his nickname, Wendy. He substitutes the crop for the cane and then gives her a veritable thrashing. 83 strokes whip across her bottom before he sends her off. Nicky lives up to her reputation as a truly tough cookie in this one.

Stars: Peter, Dr. Wendlebury, Nicky Montford, Sir Peter Good

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