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Punished Lazy Bitch & Sore Subject

Video: Punished Lazy Bitch & Sore Subject
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Studio: California Star Productions
Punished Lazy Bitch - Nik comes home to find his girlfriend lazing around the house, doing nothing! Time for that deadbeat chick to receive a lesson! She receives an over the knee warm up, then Nik finishes with hard cracks of the cane across her lazy bottom!

Sore subject – When Jaydee’s car breaks down, he finds out that his credit card is maxed out when he tries to make repairs. He returns home two levels past heated, ready to take it out on Susie’s ass. Her tears and pain of protest guarantee she will not max out his credit card again. A very sore subject she is by the time he’s finished with her!

Stars: Jaydee, Nik, Susie

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