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Prepared For The Paddle

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Studio: Raven Hill Studios
This is an old fashioned school, where hard, bare-bottomed spankings are regularly administered to pretty schoolgirl fannies.
Every teacher has his or her own brand of spanking punishment. The trusty wooden paddle is applied generously to the girl's bent-over rears. And they get plenty of whacks from an oversized yardstick. There's also the stinging welts from a bamboo cane and there's even a good, old-fashioned over-the-knee hand and paddle spanking.
You'll delight as you watch their pretty bottoms turn bright red. And you'll witness all the moaning, yelping, gasping and crying that results from hard, strict, punishment-style spankings.
And in the end, all FOUR naughty students stand helplessly at the head of the class. They each bend way over with their school uniform skirts drawn up and their panties down.
As they grab their ankles tight and feel the swish of the shiny wood warming up behind them, you'll find out if any of these naughty schoolgirls are really "Prepared for the Paddle."

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