Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Pregnant Punishment

Eleanor Powell
Studio: HotOldMovies
Approximate Running Time: 08.04 minutes

He lets her in and they fall into each other’s arms. They are all smiles and kisses – oh how in love they are.

As he helps her to take off her coat – he notices something. She has a swollen tummy. Then he realises – she’s pregnant.

But instead of being thrilled at the thought of one day being a daddy – he’s disgusted and angry with her for allowing it to happen.

So he throws her about and hits her. Sometimes spanking her – punishing her for being pregnant. She struggles to get away from him, but he’s much too strong for her.

Pregnant Punishment

He’s so rough with her that at one stage while he’s fucking her she passes out.

When she comes round, she finds herself tied to the bed. But now what’s he going to do? He’s preparing an enema for her.

Helplessly, she has no choice but to allow him to administer the enema.

She sits on the toilet, in agony while she miscarries the baby.

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