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Video: Plunge-Her
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Studio: A Wizard of Ass
Claire is a hot redhead college girl. Ariel is a timid young brunette who is desperate to get in to the sorority in which Claire belongs. As a last step in her sorority initiation, Ariel got sent over to Claire, who'll be administering a long hazing.

While Ariel leans over the Jacuzzi, Claire sneaks up behind her and pulls down her sweatpants! That's the opening shot of the hazing! Next, Claire gives Ariel an over-the-knee spanking. Meanwhile, she undresses her, though Ariel is very shy and resists. When the panties come off, a deliciously red butt is revealed. Claire spanks her some more with a brush. Ariel's butt becomes very red... Claire completely undresses Ariel, and stuffs her panties into her mouth, in spite of Ariel's resistance. She continues paddling her, and stops only when the brush is beginning to break through the skin. Ariel's butt is now so red and sore that she needs applications of a cold cloth!

Ariel's hazing to join the sorority takes a strange turn. Claire brings out 2 toilet plungers and small beach ball. First, Claire teases Ariel by using the toilet plungers' suction cups against her butt cheeks and on her tits. Then Claire shoves the handle of the plunger into Ariel's pussy! Finally, Claire attaches the toilet plunger's suction cup to the small beach ball, making a "unicorn-like head", which she makes Ariel straddle - and impale her pussy on!!

Stars: Ariel, Claire

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