Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Perfectly Delicious

Studio: Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment

Starring: Paris and Stacy Burke

Approximate Running Time: 35.35 minutes

Stacy is a stickler for everything she does – being done perfectly. She has hired Paris to help her by preparing certain ingredients for her to cook.

Unfortunately, poor Paris was taken on at very short notice and had no time to practice.

While Stacy was telling the audience about using bread cut up into perfect squares, what does she get? Bread that was any shape except squares.

The spanking begins

Therefore, Stacy is livid with Paris and decides to call off the cooking demonstration, so that she could teach Paris a good lesson in punctuality and presentation.

It's a long painful spanking

Pulling Paris over her knee, she then gives her helpless assistant the spanking of her life.

With a very sore bottom, Paris is after revenge.

Revenge is sweet

With the help of a previous employee they plan to turn the tables on Stacy and spank her instead. So Stacy is humiliated by having her assistant spank her, the boss.

Who's Sorry Now?

Maybe in future she will think twice before dishing out spankings.

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