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Parole Officer

Video: Parole Officer
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Studio: Dutchess Studio Productions
CLASSIC FOOTAGE TAKEN FROM VHS STOCK. Tasha Voux is a parole officer and she's transporting her prisoner, Debbie, when they get a flat tire and have to spend the night in a hotel. Tasha is mad that her evening is ruined and she takes out her frustration on Debbie. Tasha keeps Debbie's hands bound, she makes her wear a ball gag, she spanks her, squeezes her nipples painfully, and humiliates Debbie, calling her a slut and using a dildo to smack her in the face. Tasha also makes Debbie worship her by kissing her feet, her breasts and her ass. After Tasha has had her fun with Debbie, she ties her tightly to the table so she can't escape.

Stars: Slave Debbie, Tasha Voux

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