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Painful Pleasure Part 3

Video: Painful Pleasure Part 3
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Studio: A Wizard of Ass
After a long, intense hazing, Ariel has finally made it into the sorority of her dreams. Now that she's a member, Claire tells her, she must learn how to give out hazing spanking and enemas, so that she can in turn initiate new girls. Claire volunteers to be Ariel's guinea pig, and climbs on top of the sybian. Ariel paddles her and then gives her an enema with a large bulb. Claire then dashes to the toilet to expel. After Claire comes back, it's time for her to receive a second enema with a double-BARDEX nozzle! Her butt entrance is so tight that the outer balloon goes in only with great difficulty; poor Ariel has to make many attempts. You'll be able to hear the sound of the balloon trying to penetrate Claire's tight hole as Ariel struggles to insert it! Finally, the outer balloon goes in, and both balloons get inflated. Ariel uses a red enema bag, and a flow indicator. You'll get to watch the little red ball spin and spin as the water fills up Claire's butt. After soaking up a good part of the enema bag, it's time for Claire to expel. Ariel pulls out the BARDEX from her butt, and Claire expels in a bucket, in full view. At one point, Ariel holds a candle in the path of Claire's expulsion, and Claire puts the candle out with her butt water! You'll get to see that again in slow motion...

Stars: Ariel, Claire

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