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Studio: B & D Pleasures
Our new B&D Pleasures CLASSIX line consists of tapes that have been rescued from obscurity. They have been electronically reproccessed for greater clarity and have been re-edited. Some of the master tapes have suffered damage, and therefore there may be some missing pieces of audio as well as some unusual cuts. However, theset tapes occupy a unique place in the history of bondage and discipline fantasies and are well worth viewing. All of the activities depicted in these tapes are believed (at this time) to be free from the risk of A.I.D.S transmission and depict erotic encounters tht may live in the minds of many of you and yours. If you desire more information on bondage & discipline fantasies please feel free to contact us.
Put together for us by two of the best bondage masters in the world, the story is roughly split into three different parts. First, F. E. Campbell spanks misty. Second, John Savage takes over and uses his own form of bondage to get her to "fess up". The third segment involves misty and Master "T" and is really exceptional! Here we see a true Master-slave relationship unfold before your eyes!

Stars: Misty, F.E. Campbell, John Savage, Master T

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