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Video: Pain Makes Her Wet
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
A 74 minute session with Mistress Missy is a sight to see as she applies anal and boot domination to warm up huge slave Michael. Then moves to fuck him as she makes him writhe in pain on her cock. He is whipped and verbally abused before she changes outfits and uses her heels to humiliate him. Her beautiful size 5.5 feet stomp his cock and balls. Lots of face sitting and panty action before she orgasms over his face, sits heavily and makes him blow a giant load on Her shoe.

Mistress Missy had the big submissive fastened down to the horse. She wanted to treat his ass and balls to a bit of stimulation so she produced the big black blow up dildo and stuck that in his ass and set the vibration on. He groaned and she laughed. She was not done. She clipped on the tens unit to his balls and turned on the power. Now she was having some fun. The long brown whip in Her hand made Her feel powerful and wet. She began to lash his back.

Mistress whipped him soundly and scorched his back until it was red and striped. She moved to increase the electrics clipped to the back of his balls until he moaned and wiggled his ass for her amusement. She pulled up a chair and lit a cigarette, extending her long legs until the boots were in his face. He was obliged to worship as she sat and enjoyed her cigarette. She played with her pussy while he humiliated himself then stood and whipped him some more.

Mistress removed the clips from the back of his balls and the instant the electricity stopped he moaned. She was not done however and picked up the violet wand. Laughing She began to zap the back of his sensitive balls. His moans made her wet and She reached in her tight black pants and played with Her pussy. She then moved to put on her strap-on and greased up his big ass, fingering the tight hole until it relaxed enough for her to move into him and stick her cock up it. She lit up a cigarette as his ass muscles clenched on her cock and started to smoke.

Enjoying her smoke as her hips swayed back and forth with Her cock up his ass, She decided to have some fun. She touched the hot ember to his back and he jumped and clenched on her cock. His pain made her wet and this little game was a lot of fun. She opened her leather vest and exposed her young perfect tits as she continued to tease him. She stopped smoking and fucked him hard then pulled out. Moving in front of him she ordered him to kiss and thank her cock. How humiliating! Next scene she has a new outfit on and he is lashed to his back on the bench. Her high heels are a treat over his face and he licks and sucks and gets spiked in the chest hard for his efforts.

Removing her skirt, Mistress Missy plants her gorgeous ass on his face and enjoys some breath play with Her big captive. Her high heels work over his face and then She moves down to focus her full attention on his cock. She stomps it for some time then slaps it back and forth. This rotation continues until he is almost delirious and his cock stays rigid the entire time in spite of, or because of, the pain she is dishing out.

The hard cock has been stomped with her high heels and slapped silly and still will not go soft. She removes her shoes and uses her nylon covered feet to dish out punishment to his cock and balls. She slaps the cock head and then uses her feet again in rotation. His pain has made her very wet and she peels of her red panties and covers his face then sits full weight on it. What a nice seat she thinks as she unclips her nylons from her garter and removes them to use her bare feet on his cock. Oh how much fun he has been she thinks as her perfect size 5.5 feet dance all over his genitals.

Perched on his face she whips his trampled cock with the red whip. He moans and moves under her and she is bursting with wetness. She uses the vibrator to remedy this and stands over him, moaning as she orgasms. He can do nothing but watch. Finally spent, she sits back down on his face and loosens his wrists, telling him she wants him to milk himself out on her shoe. She holds the shoe close to his cock and talks softly to him. He gets harder and harder and spurts all over the shoe. She swings her leg off and moves to make him eat off the cum covered shoe. He licks and sucks until it is all gone.

Stars: Slave Michael, Mistress Missy

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