Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Over the Knee

Studio: No ‘Nilla Studios

Starring: Jasmine Jade and Freaky Steve

Approximate Running Time: 11.08 minutes

Jasmine Jade, a beautiful young lady has the word mischief written all over her face. A smile lights up her face and her almond shaped eyes are sparkling.

She has been deliberately provocative and Steve sees it as his duty to dole out a spanking to her. When he asks her if she is ready for her spanking, the look of sheer pleasure on her face is a good enough answer for him.

The pleasure of a spanking

He pulls on some white tight fitting latex gloves then pats his knee invitingly – she wastes no time and willingly drapes herself over them.

He pulls her thong off completely, revealing a beautiful shapely bottom, that is a smooth creamy white.

over his knee - the anticipation of a spanking

As the spanking continues, the cheeks of her bottom are turning from creamy white to various shades of pink and red. Yet, she makes no sound – or movement. However, the camera pans in on her face and her excitement is apparent; the spanking is arousing her.

Steve recognises the signs of her approaching an orgasm and inserts his finger into her anus and brings her to a squealing, squirming climax.

For the OTK enthusiast, although only a short movie – it has the lot. Enjoy!

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