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The Headmaster of a girls school is taking a walk in the park when he sees two of his pupils laying on the grass in a very provocative way; they are smoking and drinking. He instructs the girls to report to his study where he intends to punish them. Both girls are very apprehensive but as they have no choice they present themselves to the headmaster. He tells them that he is very cross, and as this is not the first time they have been caught misbehaving, he intends on making an example of them. He beginds by admiistering a long hard barebottom spanking to each girl. This is followed by a dose of the strap laid on with enthusiasm, both girls recieving twenty strokes. The girls know that even though this has been a very hard punishment, their ordeal is not over. The headmaster informs them that they will recieve the cane. Both girls having been in trouble befor know what to expect. They bend over in turn, skirts up, knickers down to take their well earned caning!

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