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One Bride for Seven Brothers and an Android – PART TWO

The story so far ……


It’s 2155 and Explorer 5 is on its way to find a new planet that will be able to support life – as Earth is on the verge of imploding in on itself.

Milly is preparing the evening meal for her seven husbands, however, she is feeling neglected. When Adam (husband number one) comes into the galley to see why she is banging about so much, she is sullen and rude to him.

Without warning, he gives her a hard spanking. After which, he sits her on his knee and asks her why she has been behaving so badly recently.

 Now read on ……

 ‘I-I- I’m fed up, with all this cooking and cleaning for all you men.’

‘Now Milly, I did tell you what to expect when you insisted that you come with us on this journey.’

‘I know you did,’ she interrupted him. ‘But that was two years ago. I’m a woman and it’s been hell living with all you men – I have seven husbands and not one of you has time to see to my needs and none of you have remembered what today is.’

He slapped his forehead. ‘Sorry darling, you’re right, I did forget – it’s our anniversary.’

‘That’s right and romance is so dead.’

‘But, we are not entirely to blame for it,’ he reminded her.

‘At the beginning we had a rota remember, you could have a different husband every night of the week.’

He kissed the back of her neck. ‘Do you remember what happened then?’

She didn’t answer him.

‘You had promised to forsake all others and be faithful unto all seven of your lawfully wedded husbands,’ he laughed. ‘However, after the novelty wore off – the headaches started.’

She gasped – and felt pangs of guilt, how could he throw that back in her face? ‘Call yourself men,’ she retorted, ‘you all gave up so easily.’

‘That’s because we were hurt, especially our pride. So to save face – we pretended to lose interest.’

‘All I wanted, all I’ve ever wanted was to be spanked then made love to. Was that too much to ask for?’

‘Ok, I suppose we should have tried a bit harder,’ he agreed.

‘Now I should be apologising to you, for neglecting you.’ Standing her on her feet, he gave her bottom a resounding slap and said, ‘Come on woman, your husbands are expecting a meal in five minutes. We’ll continue this conversation at bedtime.’

Beaming, she adjusted her clothing and set about opening packets, adding water and cooking it in the microwave.

Benjamin, Cain, Daniel, Elijah, Frank and Gideon crowded into the galley and sat down at the large wooden table.

‘What’s put a smile on Milly’s face?’ asked Daniel, ‘it’s a long time since we’ve seen that.’

Milly didn’t say anything. But when she ate her meal standing up, the six brothers looked at each other then burst out laughing. ‘Hmm about time Adam sorted her out,’ said Benjamin. ‘I thought I heard the sound of hand making contact with a bare bottom.’

While serving Frank with some potatoes, she leaned over him, letting her stiffened nipples brush against his arm, making him jump as if he’d had an electric shock.

A potato rolled off the serving spoon and disappeared under the table. With an apology, she dived under the table to retrieve it.

Gideon’s eyes nearly popped out of his head, as under cover of the table, she squeezed his balls.

 To be continued ……



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