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One Bride for Seven Brothers and an Android – PART THREE



The story so far ……

Milly ate her meal standing up – after Adam, husband number one had put her over his knee and spanked her bare bottom.

 However, she had a smile on her face as he promised to continue the conversation at bedtime.

 The other six brothers – her other six husbands were pleased that Adam had at last sorted her out,

 Meanwhile, while serving the meal, a potato rolled off the serving spoon, under the table. She apologised and dived under the table to retrieve it.

 Gideon’s eyes nearly popped out of his head, as under cover of the table she squeezed his balls.

 Now read on ……

Letting out a roar, he grabbed her by her pony tail and dragged her out from under the table.

‘You little vixen,’ he said, pushing his chair back away from the table. Pulling her down over his knee, he lifted her skirt and there were whistles and cat calls from the other brothers as her sore red bottom was revealed. ‘Adam’s done a good job, but not quite good enough,’ he said. ‘I think a few more, well placed spanks may remind you, that little girls who tease will be dealt with, like this.’

The meal was forgotten as the other five brothers found reasons to add to her already sore bottom.

Their chairs were lined up side by side. Starting with Adam, who put her over his knee and gave her a fast hard spanking. He then passed her onto Benjamin and so she was passed down the line from knee to knee.

She had a very sore bottom by the time each brother had spanked her. Her whole mood had changed. Being spanked and having a sore bottom, was her idea of bliss.

Yet, something was still missing – she realised what it was, she needed to feel a man’s ramrod stiffened cock inside her and if Adam kept the promise he made earlier, she was likely to get lucky.

Later, Adam and Milly said goodnight to the six lonesome brothers and went to the privacy of their own bedroom

Adam slowly undressed her, while his lips moved downwards, from her mouth – leaving a trail of butterfly kisses in their wake. She felt the old familiar feeling as her pussy started to throb while he was kissing her pert breasts – sucking the hard red nipples   into his mouth and gently chewing on them in turn.

Gasping and moaning softly, she felt his hands moving down her body – over her tummy and tangling his long fingers in her thick black bush.

He then gently pushed her backwards so that she was lying on the bed.

To be continued ……




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