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One Bride for Seven Brothers and an Android – PART SIX

The story so far ……

Milly had been taken from her bed and subjected to the examination of her body by Andy the Android. And she loved every minute of it.

 Now read on ……

Taking her feet out of the stirrups, he lifted her off the examination couch and sitting down on the edge of it – he put her over his knee.

His large metal hand began to spank her, at first gently then a little harder, increasing the severity at regular intervals. When he stopped spanking her, she was momentarily disappointed, but then his large metal hand began gently caressing her sore red cheeks.

All the fingers of his right hand became vibrators. They were all over her bottom – along the divide between her cheeks – while one slipped inside her pussy and another into her anus.

She was bucking over his knee, while crying out loudly – Andy had frozen – she couldn’t think why.

‘I wondered where you had got to,’ it was Adam. ‘I followed the noise.’

He came into the Medical Centre and sat down.  ‘It’s all right Andy, you carry on. It looks like I could learn a lot from you.’

‘We learn from each other Adam, I have been observing you and how you deal with Milly.’

Milly giggled, ‘Wow! I feel like a movie star.’

‘Well as Milly obviously doesn’t mind, what can I say, except – carry on as long as she’s happy?’

Suddenly, the medical centre was crowded, Benjamin, Cain, Daniel, Elijah, Frank and Gideon jostled each other as they swarmed into the room.

Everybody was talking at the same time – clamouring for Milly’s attention. Giving a contented sigh she said – ‘Okay boys, you can all have your turn – in alphabetical order – Adam baby, put me over your knee please.’

As she lay over his knee, his big hand bringing back a flush to her cheeks, she knew that her future with her seven husbands and an android was looking very rosy indeed.

The End










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