Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


One Bride for Seven Brothers and an Android – PART ONE


It’s 2155 and Explorer5 is on its way to find a new planet that will be able to support life – as Earth is on the verge of imploding in on itself.

Milly as usual is alone in Explorer5’s galley. She’s so frustrated. Imagine living with seven handsome hunks; that are all legally her husbands and not forgetting an Android called Andy; yet for two years – there was no sex and definitely no spankings. Her creamy white bottom was crying out for the kiss of her lovers’ hands.

What had brought all this to a head? It’s two years since the wedding ceremony – when she said ‘I do’ to each of her seven husbands.

All the seven brothers had fallen in love with this lovely but often cheeky little madam, and as she also loved them all – she couldn’t decide which one to marry – so she married every one of them.

Today she’s showing her displeasure, disappointment and frustration, by banging the pans together, as she reluctantly prepares the evening meal for her seven hungry husbands who manned the spaceship.

‘Milly, will you stop banging those pans about, I’ve been calling you for five minutes.’

‘So what do you want?’ she asked sullenly.

‘Well for a start, a civil answer.’ Adam came into the galley and stood behind her.

Turning to face him, she pouted her ruby red lips and scowled, sticking out her tongue for good measure.

Without warning, he spun her round so fast she would have fallen if he hadn’t been holding her. Tucking her upper body under his arm, he pulled up her skirt and began to spank her wriggling bottom; first her left cheek then her right one.

Despite her struggling to get free, there was no escape for her, as his hard hand turned her lovely shapely creamy white bottom, into a very sore stinging red one.

‘Let me go you big oaf.’

‘Not until you start being civil to me,’ he answered.

Lifting her, he carried her over to one of the galley chairs – sitting down on it he puts her over his knee. Pushing her skirt further up her back, so that her blazing bottom was fully exposed, its redness, showing through the thin white panties she is wearing. Hooking his fingers into the waistband he tugs them down to mid thigh.

‘I don’t know what’s come over you lately Milly, all these tantrums and sulks.’

‘How dare you treat me like this,’ and she renewed her struggles to escape.

‘I’d say this spanking is long overdue,’ he answered. Reaching out, he took a large wooden spoon out of a drawer in the galley’s unit and started hitting her with it.

Her indignant protests had now turned to squeals of pain. After a while she went limp over his knee – all the fight had gone out of her and she dangled there, silently crying.

After giving her another half dozen spanks on her by now cherry red bottom, he pulls her up so that she is sitting on his knee. He rocks her gently as if she is a baby.

‘Now come on,’ he said, ‘What’s made you kick off like this?’

To be continued ……

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