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One Bride for Seven Brothers and an Android – PART FOUR



The story so far ……


Adam kept his promise – made earlier. Now he was about to show Milly what she had been missing for the past two years.

 He slowly undressed her, while his lips moved downwards, from her mouth – leaving a trail of butterfly kisses in their wake. She felt the old familiar feeling as her pussy started to throb while he was kissing her pert breasts – sucking the hard red nipples into his mouth and gently chewing on them in turn. He pushed her gently backwards until she was lying on the bed.

 Now read on ……

Nudging her thighs apart, he knelt down between them – parting the scented black thatch, he slid his finger into her sopping wet pussy, coaxing her clit out of its protective hood; he began to strum on it, sending waves of pleasure pulsing through her whole body. She felt like every nerve had an electric current running through it.

So, when he withdrew his finger from her steaming slit, she was that disappointed – she felt let down.

But she soon cheered up when he sat down on the side of the bed, pulling her over his knee he started to spank her again. It didn’t take long for him to change her bottom that had cooled down since the spankings she had received earlier from him and his brothers he now brought it back to a glorious blazing inferno

Her squeals soon turned to gasps and moans of pleasure. She was so happy, he hadn’t forgotten how to please her and when he pushed her off his knee onto the bed, she didn’t protest when he slid his long hard cock into her waiting pussy.  She felt like she’d been waiting forever for this wonderful feeling that engulfed her. Their lovemaking that night was wild and satisfying – until they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

When she awakened, she felt euphoric and her body was still tingling from his touch, but the bed beside her was empty.

A note on his pillow told her he loved her and their lovemaking last night was wonderful – however, as Captain of Explorer5 he had to go and attend to his duties.

She sighed with disappointment.

Now, her over stimulated pussy was crying out for attention yet again; she could feel it juicing up and her clit was aching and throbbing once more.

With her own hand, she followed the path that Adam had taken only hours earlier – downwards over her flat belly – until it reached her hot pulsating pussy. She rubbed her swollen clit, rubbing faster and faster as the waves of an orgasm swept over her – ebbing and flowing.

When her body stopped convulsing, she fell into a deep, sex induced sleep.

To be continued ……


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