Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Office Spanking

Studio: Scorched

Approximate Running Time: 30.00 minutes

She knocked on her boss’s door – then handed him a file. Unfortunately, he didn’t appear to be too pleased with his pretty young assistant.

‘I asked for this two hours ago,’ he told her. ‘Where have you been all this time?’

She didn’t answer him.

So he ordered her to stand facing the wall with her hands on her head and not to move.

Her silence is taken for insolence

Leaving her standing there, he left the room. When he returned he was carrying a riding crop.

Ordering her to stay in position he started playfully stroking her bottom with the crop. Getting no reaction from her, the crop started landing across her bottom, causing her to cry out each time. Still keeping a slow steady pace, he hit her harder. Apart from her squeals of pain, she just accepted all he doled out to her.

More spanking, different implements

She was told to lean over the desk, so that her lovely slim bottom was more easily accessible.

Flipping up her skirt he carried on spanking her on top of her pristine white knickers.

It wasn’t long before he pulled her knickers down to her knees and changed from the riding crop to a cane.

In the diaper position the spanking continues

He then ordered her to remove all her clothes, which she did without question.

For the rest of the punishment, he had her change position several times and also he used several other implements.

Her poor bottom was getting redder and redder. At one stage he discovered that her pussy was getting very wet.

Therefore, could she possibly have been enjoying being spanked?

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