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No More Excuses

Video: No More Excuses
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Once again her husband acts irresponsibly and lies to her. This time he calls in sick to work and stays home all day doing nothing. When his wife comes home to find him lying around, he tells her he is sick. She decides to find out for herself how sick he really is. He's been calling in sick all month. So she decides to take his temperature... rectally. Just as she's suspected, he has no fever and finally he admits he's not sick at all. She's going to make his temperature... rise! She turns him over her knee and gives him a hard hand spanking. The she ties him up with his legs in the air and then he's strapped and paddled. Throughout this session she takes his temperature rectally again. After she is finished he will not be taking anymore sick days from work!

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