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Nina Birch – My Fantasies Volume 2

Video: Nina Birch - My Fantasies Volume 2
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Studio: Miss Marchmont
This was based on a fantasy of mine: a challenge, a trick, and the story unfolds. We are two very ambitious young ladies, office juniors and friends but we are also very competitive. Both of us are determined to win the prize which is a dream job in New York.

We are prepared to do whatever it takes and are also well aware of the boss's special interests. We eagerly submit to numerous punishing challenges that are not without saucy interludes. The punishment escalates towards the ultimate challenge - our submission to the cane. Just how much do we want that job? A heavy caning ensues which pushes us to our limits and leaves us with roasting hot welted bottoms.

Stars: Nina Birch, Rachel Lloyd, Martin Hayes

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