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New Resident Irelynn – First Week Report

Studio: Girls Boarding School

Starring: Irelynn and Headmaster Tom

Approximate Running Time: 18.18 minutes

Irelynn a new resident at Girls Boarding School doesn’t know all the rules yet. She is awakened abruptly by Headmaster Tom – it’s eight o’clock Sunday morning – that means it’s time to read and discuss her First Week Report.

Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she tells him that she has written it out and she gets it out of a drawer in her bedside cabinet.

He tells her to read it out loud.

She does and because it is her first week he lets her off the first few days’ mishaps.

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But when it gets to Thursday and she tells him that she threw a book at her teacher – now that was the ultimate sin.

He puts her over the knee and gives her a hard hand spanking. By the time he has finished, her poor bottom is very sore and red.

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However, he still hasn’t finished with her he asks her which she prefers the leather or wooden paddle. She chooses the leather one.

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He uses the leather paddle while she apologizes for her naughtiness for each day of the week.

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Her final ordeal is yet to come.

She is told she will stay in bed for the next twelve hours – with no bedclothes or pillows. And she is not to get off the bed for any reason. Except if she has a real medical emergency then she must call him.

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Lying on the Spartan bed – she is crying softly and rubbing her poor thrashed bottom, trying without success to rub away the soreness.

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